Diana Kvariani

Este texto faz parte de uma série de entrevistas que fiz com estilistas da Geórgia, que originaram artigos publicados na versão impressa de Dezembro de 2013 da revista Made In Tbilisi.

Tbilisi-born fashion designer, Diana Kvariani has always had the personality of an artist. ‘As a baby, I used to like drawing everything that surrounded me’, she remembers. At first, she thought she would become a painter. Only then, after she started making clothes for her Barbie dolls, Diana realized that her real passion was for fashion.

However, going to a fashion college wasn’t her very first step after graduating from high school. Following her parents’ big advice, she studied International Business at Tbilisi State University. Still, the dream of becoming a fashion designer never left her mind, nor her heart. By the time she was twenty-one, Diana moved to Rome, Italy, where she studied fashion design, at Instituto Europeo di Design (IED), a world-renowned Italian school of fashion, design, communication and management.

Graduating in 2007, Diana held her first fashion show in Italy. After that, she moved to Moscow, Russia, where she was able to work for famous Russian designers, getting plenty of experience in the business of fashion. In the year of 2011, back to her motherland Tbilisi, Diana created her brand, Diana Kvariani. Her biggest motivations for that were the love for her job, and the thought of her clothes being interesting for Georgian and non Georgian women. ‘I started making some dresses to sell; as the business went well, I decided to open my own store in 2012. It was a hard work to begin, but in one year, I already had a lot of customers’, she adds. As a fashion designer, what matters the most to Diana is when she sees people walking down the streets wearing her label, Diana Kvariani.

Diana believes, – in her own words -, that three things are what it takes to make a quality article of clothing: ‘High quality materials, perfectly sewn, and a good package’. Therefore, all the fabrics and sewing materials used in Diana Kvariani’s collections are brought, by herself, from Europe – mostly from France and Italy. The designer participates, twice a year, at Premiere Vision Paris – the biggest exhibition of textile in the world.

Travelling is one of Diana’s biggest sources for inspiration: ‘I love to travel a lot. Meeting new people, new cultures… When I visit a new country, I get inspired so much!’. She adds that inspiration comes from everywhere. Also, movies and music inspires her as much as travelling.

When asked about Tbilisi’s fashion, Diana is sure that it is very artsy, creative and chic. “Georgian girls have a great taste in fashion. They can look so stylish from wearing just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. They always know what’s in fashion: they watch fashion channels, read fashion magazines, they go to Tbilisi Fashion Week. I think fashion has always lived in Georgians. Even when there are hard times”.

As a Tbilisi native, Diana enjoys her hometown’s mountains and the summer time. Her favorite places are the old town, Leselidze, Sololaki, Avlabar. Nonetheless, she adds: ‘My go-to place is Mtskheta, Georgia’s former capital from centuries ago. I would like to have a house there!”. She has a beautiful philanthropic side as well. Her biggest love and passion are animals: “My dream is to give help to all homeless cats and dogs in Georgia’. For her future goals, Diana aims on increasing her brand, and opening more stores inside and outside of Georgia. Nevertheless, starting to sell ‘Diana Kvariani’ worldwide is her main goal. Her next collection will be presented at upcoming Tbilisi Fashion Week. “What can I say t? It will be colorful!” she joyfully adds. Diana Kvariani boutique is based at 4a, Takaishvili str., Tbilisi.

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