Lako Bukia

Este texto faz parte de uma série de entrevistas que fiz com estilistas da Geórgia, que originaram artigos publicados na versão impressa de Dezembro de 2013 da revista Made In Tbilisi.


Born and raised in Tbilisi, Lako Bukia has established her signature in the fashion world with a lot of talent and hard work. Starting her studies at Tbilisi State Academy of the Arts, she has also been a student at world’s prestigious schools, such as Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London College of Fashion and Instituto Marangoni, in Italy. Today, Lako is a second year master’s student at Parsons The New School of Design, in New York. With her unique and eye-catching designs, Lako Bukia will conquer the world. Her clothing line is very popular not only in Tbilisi, but also around the globe.

When she was a second year BA student at London College of Fashion, Lako was an intern for stylist Katie Burnett, who gave her the first big push: “When she saw my graduation collection, ‘Mushroom’, Kate fell in love with it, and kind of forced me to start my own label, while I was still studying at LCF”, tells Lako. It was only the start of a promising career. “There was no way of going back anymore, as every season I was growing and my label was growing as well. I did lots of different experiments, shows, showrooms, met lots of different people in the industry and it was it. It just happened naturally”, she adds. At first, she didn’t realize how much work it required as a designer and businesswoman. Lako decided to get back to her studies, when realizing, by the great experiences she had, the importance of guidance by talented and successful people in the industry. After one year of graduation from LCF, her label was shown in several important fashion events, such as London Fashion Week, Berlin, Paris, New York and Kiev, just to name some.

Lako believes that a good design, a right fabric selection and good finishing make a quality article of clothing. She buys her fabric from different places, like Turkey, India, New York and London. It all depends on what she is looking for. Georgia is also a go-to place: “There are several nice stores that I am working with, and they always call me when they have new arrivals. I always try to be the first one to buy”. As a fashion designer, defined style, among other things, is very important for her, and she adds: “Always staying true to yourself. Knowing what is happening to the world, the society and surroundings. Reading, researching, making changes – at least, make new exciting things.” For her, a fashion designer has to communicate with the world. When asked where she gets inspiration, Lako said it comes from all different things: travelling, finding new things, such as an exhibition, a book, a building. “That’s my inspiration starting point. Then I develop and research it more, which can lead to a completely different thing”, she says.

During her first year at Parsons, she discovered the ‘draw thread’, a very old lace making technique, which she developed and took into a different level, modernizing it. Starting from two outfits for the school’s project, she did a Fashion Film, which was featured in Fashion TV. It turned out into a collection of 20 outfits, as the project was very successful. “It is a unique collection, because fabrics are all hand-made, and to create each fabric, it took days and hours of hard work”, she adds.

Due to many international requests, Lako is opening her online store, which will make easier maintaining sales around the globe. She has many dreams and goals to achieve. “One of my aims is to go back to showing at London Fashion Week again and being part of this amazing event.  I want to make my business successful in every level and make it as internationally now as possible”. As Lako is currently focused and dedicated on finishing her Master Degree, she won’t be showing on the upcoming Tbilisi Fashion Week, but hopes to be part of next season’s.

Every chance she has, Lako flies back to Tbilisi. “I think because I have been away for so long (8 years), I started appreciating my city more and more”, she says. She loves spending time at her studio/shop (located at Palishvili st, 39), and Solasi, the old neighbourhood. With friends, she goes to Tbilisi Marriot Hotel’s Café, for a tea time, and at summer, Radisson Blue Hotel Terrace is the place to appreciate a good view of the city. “There are many places that I really love because of the memories I have. I can say in general I really love my city”, she says. Tbilisian’s lifestyle is one thing Lako enjoys. “On one glance you will feel like there are no job or money problems, everyone is kind of relaxed enjoying their time, even though the economical or political situation in Georgia is not something you can be proud of. But I also can say that Tbilisi is a very Romantic City, especially for me”.

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