Lalo Knitwear

Este texto faz parte de uma série de entrevistas que fiz com estilistas da Geórgia, que originaram artigos publicados na versão impressa de Dezembro de 2013 da revista Made In Tbilisi.


With their signature big, chunky, handmade knit cardigans, LALO Knitwear has made a big entrance in the world of fashion. Founded in 2013 by Tbilisi’s twin sisters Lalo and Nino Dolidze, at first, the brand started with the cardigans, and now, features different styles of sweaters and hats.

Graduates from the department of Western European languages and literature at Iv. Djavakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Lalo and Nino had always had interest in fashion and style, “Especially knitting!”, as told by Lalo. The young brand started as the two sisters created new looks for every season, “as we pretended ourselves to be noted designers”, she adds. Their starting point was the cardigan, which was named “Vine”. Handmade knitted in large stitches, the inspiration for their first piece were the beautiful Kakhetian vines, seen hanging all around at open air markets during Tbilisoba, the annual October festival celebrating Tbilisi.


The cardigan became extremely popular in a very short amount of time, as an outcome for pleasing every woman’s taste in fashion. The ‘Vine’ cardigan is a bold and hype version of a classic-old sweater – in other words, it is a statement piece for the wardrobe, as it can change any outfit in just a matter of seconds. Due to their successful experience, the designers started making several different other styles, which can take up to ten days to be created, as all of their items are handmade. Most of the inspiration for their creations comes from ‘Mother Nature’ – “Nothing and nobody can provide you with such brilliant ideas, as it abounds with them!”, added Lalo.

Part time English language teachers at the University, and part time designers, Lalo and Nino are not planning to settle down any time soon. Currently, their productions are sold in Russia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, among other countries in Europe. Adding to that, they are planning, for the nearest future, on collaborating with some more brands from other different countries. However, when it comes to their homeland, the sisters agree they enjoy the Old Tbilisi. According to them, Ortachala is “the most inviting site in this city for most city-dwellers, and we are not exception”.

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